Miskatonic Missives: The Letters of H.P. Lovecraft

Created by Helios House Press

A series of companion guides exploring some of the fascinating letters written by H.P. Lovecraft

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The final day!
6 months ago – Fri, Nov 12, 2021 at 05:01:20 PM

We are into the final hours of the campaign, and as we get ever closer to reaching the final stretch goal, we are busy preparing for the livestream countdown event. We will have more on that later, but for now we have one more final upgrade to announce! 

Most of our backers have opted for the Collector's Edition, and many of you have also ordered our Miskatonic Missives pin as an add-on. To introduce a little more variety and exclusivity for the Kickstarter Collector's Edition, we have created a new, exclusive enamel pin design of a philatelic persuasion. This new pin will be the one included in the Collectors Edition set, and will be exclusive to Kickstarter Collector's Edition backers. It won't be included with any Collector's Edition books sold after the campaign ends. 

It's not too late to upgrade to the Collector's Edition if you want the new pin! And, never fear, the original Miskatonic Missives pin design is still available as an add-on for anyone who might want to get their hands on both. 

 We are so close to reaching the last stretch goal and unlocking that livestream countdown party, so get your questions ready for Sean & Andrew and look for an update from us this afternoon with details on how you can join this exciting event. We're looking forward to seeing you there! 

Warm regards, 

HPLHS & Helios House

The final week!
6 months ago – Tue, Nov 09, 2021 at 06:51:16 PM

Thank you all again! This is the final week of the campaign and you have already taken us farther than we ever imagined. 

You have already knocked down almost every stretch goal we set. The last goal we hit has earned all backers access to a reading by Sean and Andrew of one story from each Miskatonic Missives book. And we have one more we'd love to hit: a countdown party for backers for the end of the campaign this Friday! So if there is anyone you think might be interested in this project who hasn't backed it yet, please share with them, and help us get there!


HPLHS & Helios House

A very eventful week!
7 months ago – Tue, Nov 02, 2021 at 08:40:36 AM

So much has happened this past week: 

  • We have blown past another couple of stretch goals, unlocking the ex libris bookplate and set of postage stamps for all backers
  • In addition to the bookplates all backers will receive with their orders, we now also have a set of six bookplates available as an add-on for any interested backers (details on how to add that below)
  • We were a featured project on Kickstarter's home page on Halloween, bringing MisK=1atonic Missives to the attention of a new audience (welcome, new backers!) 

The ex libris bookplate shows a type of doorway Lovecraft particularly liked and is based on one Wilfred Blanch Talman designed for Lovecraft in 1927 as a thank you for revision work Lovecraft had done for him. Lovecraft was delighted by the design, saying "There is surely art, mystery, & dignity about an austere, half-closed door." 

Lovecraft's ex libris bookplate, and the backer reward bookplate

The bookplate our backers will receive is lovingly recreated on beautifully textured paper, letterpress printed by a small family press in Scotland. It comes with a backing that can be removed if you want to affix it in your book or kept on to preserve the bookplate as is. It follows Talman's original design in detail save that Lovecraft's name has been removed to allow backers to stake their own claims. 

Backers can also buy a set of an additional six of these bookplates as an add-on. If you have not yet backed the project, you will have the option to do this when selecting your rewards. If you have already backed the project and want to adjust your pledge to include this reward, you can adjust your pledge by clicking the "Manage your pledge" button on the project page. On the following page, select "Change your pledge." At that point, in addition to the ability to adjust your pledge amount or switch to a different reward tier (changing reward tier will automatically update your pledge amount), you’ll have the option to add any of our add-on rewards, including this new set of ex libris bookplates. (As a reminder, if you change your pledge amount, you are not adding to your existing pledge, you are adjusting it: the new amount you enter will be the total amount collected at the end of the project).

We're excited to share more about the stamps in a later update. For now, thank you so much for making all of this happen! 

Best regards, 

HPLHS & Helios House

Let's talk about some of these great extras!
7 months ago – Sun, Oct 24, 2021 at 02:47:27 AM


We wanted to share some more details with you about some of the extras you have already unlocked and some we are on the way to unlocking. In the video above, you can see Sean and Andrew discussing the map of DeLand, FL a reproduction of which will now be included as one of the extras for book 2; and the ex libris bookplate, which is the next stretch goal we are aiming to hit. 

The bookplates will be letterpressed on a premium, textured adhesive stock with a removable backing, so they can be applied to books or kept by collectors, as preferred. A small, family-owned press in Scotland will be printing them for us, along with a letterpress reproduction of the portrait of H.P. Lovecraft done by Duane Rimel, which is the extra that was already unlocked for book 1. 

Recently unlocked extras: the map of DeLand, FL; Duane Rimel's portrait of Lovecraft; photo of a young Robert E. Howard

There are so many more upgrades and items that have been unlocked already and we look forward to sharing more about them in the coming days. For now, we hope you're as excited about these ones as we are. Have a great weekend! 

HPLHS & Helios House

Day 3 Updates: New stretch goals unlocked! New items added to everyone's rewards! Extra love from Kickstarter!
7 months ago – Wed, Oct 20, 2021 at 08:28:07 PM

Hello everyone, 

We have so much great news to share here on day 3.

First of all, you have helped to unlock another stretch goal, and a great one at that: we are now able to add a new replica item for each book! In addition to the original three replica items: 

  • Book One will now come with a beautiful letterpress reproduction of Duane Rimel's linocut portrait of H.P. Lovecraft; 
  • Book Two will now come with a replica of a map of DeLand, Florida from a 1933 tourist guide - right around the time Lovecraft visited!; and 
  • Book Three will now come with a copy of an original photo of a young, cosplaying Robert E. Howard. 
New 'extras', now free with the relevant books for everyone!

The goodies will keep coming the more stretch goals we can unlock. Our next two are an original frontispiece for all three books and an ex libris bookplate to go along with each book you receive, with new stretch goal rewards being added each time we unlock another. 

Our other news today is that Kickstarter has designated Miskatonic Missives one of their "Projects we love!" This is how Kickstarter highlights projects it considers especially creative or worthwhile, and it is hugely gratifying to see MM recognized in this way. This could expose a whole new audience to our project. Speaking of which, if you know of someone who hasn't seen the Kickstarter yet, please consider sharing it with them! 

We are tremendously grateful for the support from Kickstarter, and especially from all of you. We look forward to continuing to expand the rewards for all of you as this campaign goes on. 

- HPLHS & Helios House